Our mission is to nurture wellbeing in kids using insights from psychology and everyday technology.

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KindyU lets parents curate YouTube video content and share it in a child centred virtual world. It’s designed with insights from developmental psychology to help parents nurture good screen time habits in their kids. Children flourish with a good balance of structure, autonomy, and feedback.
In our world of overstimulation and diminishing attention spans, Apps are designed to keep us ‘swiping’ for more. By contrast, kindyU rewards kids for focusing and seeing things through.

Why?Our experiences and interviews with many families show us that there’s a real opportunity to make life better with the gadgets that often eat-away at our quality of life.

How?Our innovative approach is to support parents in guiding their children from the earliest stages in developing awareness and healthy self-management. We are creating a dual-device App for parents and children to share screen time.


A virtual world where parent and child can play together and foster good habits, specially designed with insights from developmental psychology.

Attention and focus rewarded.

kindyU turns the swipe-inducing design norms of Apps upside down - rather than encouraging kids to keep on looking for more, kindyU rewards sustained attention. For example, after making a choice, a child is rewarded for watching a video to the end.

Manage screentime with your child.

‘Screen time’ is one of the biggest and most complicated concerns parents report. And for good reason - technology companies are experts in holding our attention. kindyU takes some of the same ‘tricks’ for habit formation and hands them to you. More importantly, kindyU is designed to help you nurture good habits in your child from the earliest moments.

Cute and emotionally intelligent virtual friend.

kindyU’s cute cartoon characters can express a wide range of emotions, and also ‘see’ these in your child. Using the selfie-camera on the tablet or smartphone, kindyU ‘toons can make a pretty good guess of how the child feels and relate accordingly. As with all youngsters, this is something that gets better with time.

Make-believe in an amazing new world.

You know how kids love to make friends with cuddly toys, and you can ‘communicate’ in special ways using puppets? kindyU2 let’s you do this using touchscreen devices, in a virtual shared world, anywhere anytime. It’s like Skype and 2-player minecraft rolled into one and designed to nurture relationships and flourishing development.

Video content tailored for and by you.

We all know how much amazing video content there is out there, and how good this can be for our kids development. But, how do we find the good stuff? How do we avoid the bad stuff? With Ivi curation you can hand-pick video libraries that your child can choose from, access our expert curated channels and playlists, and find just the thing that fits your child right now.

Edutainment made to measure, and measured for success.

Each of us learns differently, and young children progress very rapidly with ever-shifting needs and abilities. Kids flourish when challenges match their abilities. The kindyUniverse is full of little games that are fun and designed to understand individual development and keep things interesting. Watching videos in kindyU is interactive, and this boosts learning!

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Meet The Team

We are a developmental psychologist, a human-machine interface engineer, and a programmer-turned-entrepreneur passionate about our mission to improve psychosocial well-being with everyday technologies.

Archy Wilhes
Co-Founder, CEO

Archy started programming at 11. He founded his first startup with a self-learning app at 16. At 19, he completed a PhD module on Programming Language Theory in NUS and reduced a half-century-old mathematical conjecture to a problem in computer science. Having been in the start-up scene on and off for 5 years, now 21, Archy has decided to dedicate his life to the start-up experiment.

Fabrizio Beverina
Co-Founder, CTO

MSc biomedical engineering. 7 years in STmicroelectronics in advanced system research. Patented a brain computer machine, published articles on affective computing, brain-computer interfaces and AI. Cultivated a multidisciplinary background in neuroscience, medicine and psychology. Founded EmotionWare in 2007, Rishi Labs (incubator to support and inspire young people) from 2012-17, and Artha in 2015.

Marc Archer
Co-Founder, Chairman

PhD, Developmental Psychology (UCL). Marc has worked with kids and families as an applied researcher and teacher for over 15 years. This includes time in his native England, France, the US, and Malaysia. He’s currently a postdoctoral research fellow at Zhejiang University’s newly established Centre for Global Health leading research on socio-emotional development among preschool children in rural China.

Our parents panel

We work with parents at every stage of the process, discussing and learning about their challenges, and finding ways to improve. Parents and their kids are essential experts for kindyU! We’d love to hear from you too. If you’d like to learn more, or be interested in talking to us about your experiences as a parent, please drop us a line.

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Child development

Each child is unique, and so each parent has a special task and privileged access to knowing that person. However, scientific approaches with large groups of kids can help us understand patterns that can also shed light on behaviours and characteristics of individuals. This approach, which is associated with diagnoses - i.e. deciding when symptoms cluster coherently enough to categorise - and can be helpful. But it’s essential that we see each kid as they are, always a million times more than any single label.


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